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       Unique, user-friendly simulation software.
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  Learn more about Kéops Concept,
a company revolutionising the world of interior design with Décoshow®, virtual home decorating software

The market for interior design is changing: increased demand, an ever-broadening range of offers, customers in search of decorating advice, and professionals increasingly viewed as customer consultants...
One problem remains: The difficulty in visualising the final appearance of decoration products.
In light of this problem, Kéops Concept, a company that has been active in the world of home decorating for the past 25 years, has joined forces with Décopole to develop virtual home decorating simulation software.
Want to change your home decor?

Unsure about choosing a product? Need advice in colour schemes or materials?

® has the answer to the one question
every customer asks:
 "How would this decor look in my home?"

® allows you to digitally visualise various decorating possibilities for every room in your house or apartment, as well as façades. With more than 16 million colours, Décoshow® provides an unlimited number of decorating possibilities and amazingly realistic visualisations with 3-D perspectives, material effects, patterns, colour contrasts, lighting placement, etc.
With Décoshow®, you can finally design the
    room of your dreams!

Décoshow® provides a user-friendly means of carrying out entire projects

Designed to demonstrate the benefits of the products listed in its database, Décoshow
® provides virtual simulation of decorative moods from A to Z to suit everyone's tastes. Gone are the days of uncertainty and time wasted choosing a colour or a flooring material--now you can simply visualise the decor of a pre-modelled room or even your own room with the aid of a digital photo!

Living rooms, bathrooms, hallways, kids' bedrooms and kitchens, as well as façades, joinery, front gates...
the program developed by Kéops Concept is capable of showing all possible configurations of interior as well as exterior decoration.
Professional virtual decoration!

In response to the specific requirements of distributors, manufacturers, and purchasing advisors (Interior designer, architects, craftsmen, etc), Kéops Concept has developed dedicated programs specially designed to meet professional needs.

Thanks to its interactive design and use of top-quality products, Décoshow
® enhances the different ranges of decor available to the customer by incorporating them on request into the room to be decorated.

® can also be incorporated into retail outlet Websites, providing customers with a simple, autonomous, and permanent means of consultation.
For all other information: Kéops Concept - 54, avenue de la Prospective - CS 80005 - 18021 BOURGES CEDEX FRANCE
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